Best Small Air Fryers Under 1000 Watts 

Best Small Air Fryers 1000 Watts or Less

Why Choose a Small Air Fryer?

Small air fryers under 1000 watts will give you a capacity of up to about 2.5 quarts. They are a great option for single people, couples, or if you want to take your air fryer camping or RV'ing! (seriously, I've done it!) Our top 4 choices below are chosen based on quality of design, features, power demand and overall user reviews.

Very Affordable

Small air fryers are the most affordable style available on the market. You can regularly find deals on these as low as $40 and always below $100.

Perfect for 1 or 2 People

If you only need to cook for 1 or 2 people, small air fryers are your best bet. A 2-3Qt air fryer is a perfect size for a couple or small family.

Compact Size

Small air fryers can fit in even the tiniest of kitchens. Low power demand allows them to work with almost any plug-in setup, even RVs!

Small Air Fryer Roundup

dash tasti crisp 1000w air fryer

Our top pick for small air fryers. This little unit packs a lot of features into a tiny package. At a very affordable price! The analog control knob allows for up to 30 minutes at a high of 400 degrees. A small footprint of 11" tall by 9" deep by 9" wide. Available in 6 beautifully stylish colors. Very easy to clean small air fryer!

-> Great sized 2.6Qt basket

-> 4.6 Star rating on 27K+ Amazon reviews!

-> Six stylish colors options to choose

-> Auto-off safety feature

-> 1000 watts power supply

5 of 5 stars

gowise mini 1.7qt air fryer

A really nice looking air fryer, the 2Qt GoWISE is great for 1 or 2 people. We like the easy-to-use touchscreen with 5 preset cooking timers. More than 10K 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, this is a great little air fryer. Measures 11" tall by 9" deep by 8" wide.

-> Digital control touchscreen

-> 5 cooking preset quick keys

-> 400 degree & 60 min maximum timer

-> 4 color styles to choose from

-> 1000 watts power supply

4.5 of 5 stars

iruntek mini 1.3qt air fryer

Our #3 pick in the small air fryer showdown is the smallest of all. At just 1.3Qt we would recommend it to only single people - students would love this in a dorm. Also great for camping in your RV. Available in 3 colors. A tiny footprint at 11" tall by 7" deep by 7" wide. Merely 800 watts power demand, will work in any plug configuration!

-> Ultra-small design

-> Perfect for students and single people

-> Auto-off safety feature

-> 3 colors to choose from

-> 800 watts power supply

4 of 5 stars

chefman compact 2qt 1000w air fryer

In the fourth spot, the Chefman compact 2Qt air fryer offers an analog control knob, up to 400 degrees cooking temperatures, and a 60 min timer. Measuring 11.5" tall by 7.5" deep by 7.5" wide. Only available in black. 

-> 2Qt cooking capacity

-> 400 degree & 60 min maximum timer

-> 1000 watts power supply

4 of 5 stars


There are some great options for small air fryers under 1000 watts. There are so many to choose from, I feel our top 4 picks are the best you can find right now depending on your needs. When buying a smaller air fryer you don't need to give up many features, other than the size of your cooking capacity. These small air fryers give students, singles, couples, and campers or van-lifers an awesome way to fry their favorite foods with less fat. Watch to get a great deal on these, as they tend to go on sale often. 

Our top pick, the Dash Tasti Crisp 2.6Qt air fryer offers the best all-around features and performance for the price.

Do you still need help finding what air fryer is best for you? Check out our other air fryer reviews, recipes, and tips today! Cheers!

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