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Food is part of everyone's daily life, giving us the possibility to try new things or stick with our familiar favorites. I've noticed that there is lots of food information on the internet. It seems that sometimes this information is incomplete or just plain incorrect. Here I aim to provide simple answers to your everyday kitchen and food-related questions. I will try my best to give you a clear idea of the best uses for kitchen tools, advice on proper cooking techniques, and simple explanations for everyday cooking challenges.

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How Long is That Good For?

Food safety is very important, and keeping your foods properly stored is key. Best before dates are great guides, but sometimes can be inaccurate. Here we provide details on how long certain foods will stay good for and when it's best to throw them out. 

Cooking Techniques

The first step in being a successful home chef is mastering proper cooking techniques. Once you have these in your toolbelt, the culinary world isn't so hard! Here we go over some of the best ways to handle everyday kitchen problems and challenges.

How Many of Those in That?

Are you not sure exactly how much chicken breast to put into that sauce? Maybe your plate of ribs seems a bit too skimpy at dinner? Here we outline exactly how many of those go into that. A quick reference to get the right size portions of food easily.

How Long is That Good For?

Cooking Techniques

How Many of Those in That?


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The internet gives is such an easy platform to access, but a lot of the information you find on it can really be misleading or just plain wrong at times; not very helpful at all.

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