How Many Watts does an Air Fryer Use? 

If you've wondered how many watts does an air fryer use you have come to the right place! Here we go over the wattage requirements, as well as amps to run your favorite air fryers.

Air fryers are one of the best newer kitchen gadgets to come to market in years. They offer an easy-to-use way to create awesome dishes with little effort! Many people worry before buying an air fryer if their kitchen plugins will be able to handle the extra power.

We have compiled a quick breakdown of average watts per type of air fryer, as well as amp conversion per watts. 

Check it out below!

How Many Watts Does an Air Fryer Use?

Air fryers come in varying sizes, ranging from 1-quart fryers, up to over 8 quarts capacity. Of course, the wattage requirements of these units vary with their size. You can find air fryers with as little as 800-1000 watts. Larger units will demand up to 1800 watts.

Choosing the right-sized air fryer for both your cooking requirements and your kitchen plug capacity is key!

I recommend not just buying the cheapest air fryer that happens to be on sale because unless you are only ever cooking for yourself, it is likely the air fryer won't have the capacity you will want in the future.

Choosing an air fryer that has the power suitable for your kitchen and the capacity to cook the foods that you love will make for a happy kitchen life down the road.

Low Wattage Air Fryers:

These are the smallest air fryers on the market, and you will see a range in wattage of 800 watts up to 1000 watts. 

These small units are perfect for single persons, or if you choose to take your air fryer camping in your RV.

An 800-watt air fryer will usually feature up to 1.2-quart capacity. You can find some 1000 watt air fryers with a capacity of up to 2 quarts. See our roundup of the best small air fryers 800-1000 watts here.

  • 800 watts - 1000 watts
  • 1 quart to 2 quarts capacity
  • Suitable for 1 to 2 person max

Medium Wattage Air Fryers:

Medium-sized air fryers are the most popular on the market. Most air fryers sold are in the capacity range of 2  to 4 quarts. 

A 1200 watt air fryer ranges in capacity from 2 - 3 quarts. You will expect to find a lot of variety available in this style.

You will see 4-quart air fryers requiring up to 1600 watts. These fryers will be very efficient and quick to warm, as they have ample power to capacity ratio.

These mid-sized air fryers are definitely meant for home use, and may not be appropriate for taking camping or putting in the RV. Not only are they larger, but the power requirements can exceed RV supply.

  • 1200 watts - 1600 watts
  • 2 quarts to 4 quarts capacity
  • Perfect for families up to 4 people
  • Lots of brands and styles to choose
  • Efficient warming and cooking

High Wattage Air Fryers:

Higher wattage air fryers are those that push up to 1800 watts of power. These are larger basket capacity fryers, as well as those that resemble more of a toaster oven design.

These air fryers are premium products that are perfect for large families, or if you want to fry larger foods such as whole chickens or pizzas!

One of the largest capacity basket-style air fryers on the market features nearly 6 quarts capacity and requires 1700 watts of power.

Air fryer ovens can feature up to 32-quart capacity (WOW!) and demand the highest power, coming in at 1800 watts.

  • 1600 watts - 1800 watts
  • 5 quarts to 32 quarts capacity
  • Perfect for families 4 or more people
  • Huge range of frying options
  • Quite expensive
  • Very large footprint required

How Many Amps does an Air Fryer Use?

Maybe you want to check amps rather than watts for your air fryer? It's sometimes easier to think in amps than watts, so we have done the conversion for you below!

This is helpful to know before you buy your air fryer if you are limited to plugin options in your cooking space. A regular kitchen plugin will have a 15 amp breaker per plug. Some newer homes will have a 20 amp.

Air Fryer Wattage to Amps Conversion:

  • 800 watts = 6.6 amps
  • 1000 watts = 8.3 amps
  • 1200 watts = 10 amps
  • 1400 watts = 11.7 amps
  • 1600 watts = 13.3 amps
  • 1800 watts = 15 amps


Knowing your power requirements may sway your decision about what type of air fryer you will buy. 

Taking that into consideration, try to get the best capacity air fryer you can within your budget. Decide if you want a medium wattage air fryer or if a small wattage air fryer will do.

You can never have a big enough air fryer at times, trust me! If you have room in your cooking space, and the power to run it get the biggest one you dare. You won't regret it.

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